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The ratio of reuse, repair and recycling in Japanese clothing is about 34%.

The rest can be incinerated or landfilled.

In the world, the fashion industry generates 92 million tons of waste every year,

It is projected to increase to 148 million tons in 2030.


According to the Ministry of the Environment, as an average for one year at the usage stage,

I bought more than I let go,

It is said that there are 25 clothes per person that are not worn even once a year.


At the recycling stage, only about 5% of clothing that has been put out as garbage is recycled.

Most of them are incinerated and landfilled as they are, and the amount is about 480,000 tons per year.

About 130 large trucks are incinerated and reclaimed every day.

I have to say that fashion is currently in an unsustainable state.


BP Lab Co., Ltd. through the operation of BIOLOGIC LOOP

We aim to connect the fashion industry and consumers, create new values, and shift to a circular industry.

In addition, further research and development of recycling technology has been carried out.

We will realize a circular economy in which the entire lifestyle industry renews its products.


CIRCULER ECONOMY JAPAN, a non-profit organization working to promote the circular economy in Japan with international cooperation

We are collaborating with (General Incorporated Association Circular Economy Japan). )


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